Immediate Dentures (starting at $599)

If you don’t want to go without front teeth, then immediate dentures are your only option.  First we remove all of your back teeth and allow your gums to heal for 2-3 months.  After healing is complete, then we make your dentures, remove your remaining teeth and you get your dentures the same day so you never go without your front teeth.  However, they often will need to be replaced with a full denture or a reline at an additional cost once healing has completed.

Full Dentures (starting at $599)

These are our standard dentures.  During the 4 appointments to make the dentures, we custom fit them to your gums and try them in with the teeth in wax to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the appearance.


Cast Metal Partials (starting at $999)

Our cast metal partials are the typical partial denture that most people have seen.  They contain a metal frame to hold the partial denture teeth.

Flexible Partials (starting at $599)

The flexible partials are used for more comfort due to their flexibility and their ability to blend in with the gums and teeth due to the color of the clasps that hold them in.

Acrylic Partials (starting at $299)

These are our least expensive partials and the most common.  They are typically used to replace 1-3 teeth and often feel bulkier than the flexible and cast metal partials.  They may have metal clasps to help keep them in place.

Cast Metal Partial

Flexible Partial

Acrylic Partial